Our Story

Don and Carolyn Ziliak in front of Pastaria in 1996

Since 1993, our mission has been simple: amazing food at a reasonable price!

We want you to walk away thinking you got the best food in town for a price that can’t be beat! Our philosophy is if you use the freshest ingredients to make homemade products and treat every customer like a good friend, people will love the experience and want to come back. We want our customers to feel welcome every time they step up to the counter and know that they are going to get the same great food every time they order.

Consistency is key! Trust us—if you visit us regularly, Don will know your name, your favorite dish and, well, anything you want him to know.

Conviced? See what's on the table at our three restaurants located conveniently in the North Market near downtown Columbus, or order online!

Meet the Ziliaks

Portrait of the Ziliak family

Don is a hardworking, personable restaurant junkie who, with wife Carolyn, oversees five kids, three North Market stands, an upscale restaurant, and one catering business, all dedicated to offering authentic Italian food worthy of praise.

About North Market

Aerial shot of the North Market in downtown Columbus

Whether you have family visiting or are just hanging out with friends, the historic North Market is definitely a destination worth visiting. Come down, take a leisurely stroll, and see everything this part of Columbus has to offer. For more detailed and daily information, visit the North Market's website.